April 12, 2014

Bye, Old-Habits

Matt Cutts, in his Ted Talk called Try Something New For 30 Days, "They say if you want to create a habit, you stick at whatever it is you want to do for at least 21 days in a row. After a while, your brain gets used to it and you start doing it without thinking."

I know, this is not as easy as Matt told. But, it thought me, "Let's move on and create new one, Mega!".
Start to say goodbye of our old-bad habits. Thus, create more good habits. E.g : Wake up early, stick with jogging/biking/swimming every weekend for 20-30 minutes, one book one week/month, give smile to everyone, basmalah in the beginning for each of activities, saying "thank you", etc.

Try to create your new habit. Make it simpler. And assure that yourself do it, persistence. *note to my self*
2014, more good deeds!